Planning your wedding ceremony? We can help!


No matter what type of wedding ceremony you wish to host our tips and advice can help you plan a magical and memorable day.

One of the first decisions you need to make is of course the type of wedding ceremony you and your fiancé will be having. Religious, non-denominational or interfaith we have samples and tips for all. The blending of two religious or spiritual beliefs can be tricky however we’ll show you how to combine the two and keep everyone happy – including your future in laws!

It is however not just your beliefs that need to be reflected in your ceremony but also your personality. Your wedding ceremony and moreover your entire wedding day should be a representation of who you and your fiancé are and the values you possess. The one thing that will make your wedding unique is if you can manage to let your personalities shine through. So be sure to stay true to you.





religious-wedding-ceremony-with priest-present

Wedding Styles

Aside from deciding on the type of ceremony you will hold you must also figure out the style. Will you stick with a traditional wedding ceremony or would a modern wedding ceremony better suit you and your fiancé. Perhaps you want to include some personalised touches like a wedding sand ceremony or the lighting of a unity candle. Our tips can guide you in finding what style will be perfect for your day, by detailing the components of each.

Having wedding ceremony readings performed by the special people in your life can be a fantastic way to personalise your service and involve a loved one. For instance having a sibling, relative or friend who you weren’t able to squeeze into your bridal party recite a reading will give them a part to play in your big day and honour the bond you share with them.

Speaking of bridal parties, we can help you organise the order for your wedding procession which can sometimes present itself as an obstacle for brides! We will also share all of the important information you need for tying the knot legally.




Wedding Ceremony Etiquette

There is of course certain wedding ceremony etiquette that you need to take into consideration during the planning of your service. We’ll outline this for you, so that you have a foundation in place for planning your day that follows the guidelines traditionally set out.




Wedding Ceremony Songs

If all of the above wasn’t enough we’ll also provide you with a list of popular wedding ceremony songs so that you can have the ideal background music to set the scene for each monumental moment in your day. Walking down the aisle, during any rituals and the bridal party exit we’ve got you covered!

You’ll find the answers to every question you have about planning your wedding ceremony here and even some facts to questions that you probably hadn’t even thought of!

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